October’s feature for our Creative Spotlight Series is the haunted, chilling Sarah Read.

Sarah Read is a writer of horror and dark fiction originally from Colorado but now basks in the frigid Wisconsin winters with the rest of us. Truly not nearly as blood-curdling as her books, NE Wisconsin is lucky to have this humorous and kind-hearted writer as part of our literary community.

Sarah released her first novel in February 2019. The Bone Weaver’s Orchard is a story about a small boy who discovers a dark, twisted secret hidden behind his boarding school’s walls. A Bram Stoker Award Winner with an impressive stack of five-star reviews, Sarah’s book brings feelings of a cold, cobwebby castle into the realm of bone collectors, angry apparitions, and scurrying insects. You should add a hard copy to your personal bookshelves, but if you’re looking to read something spooky this Halloween weekend, we suggest downloading the e-book now.

Read’s short story collection, Out of Water, came out last Halloween. “An invitation to drowning,” the book houses stories both sinister and despairing. Read has a way of drawing readers in, horrifies them, then leaves them squirming. This collection is an excellent choice if you’re looking to read something that challenges what horror can be.

You will also find Sarah’s work regularly in journals such as Gamut, Black Static, and various anthologies. She’s the Editor-in-Chief at Pantheon Magazine as well.

As a member of the Horror Writer’s Association and a librarian at the Kaukauna Public Library, Sarah is invested in the book community. She hosts a monthly write club at the library and appears at many local writing events. She is also a collector of fountain pens and occasionally writes for The Pen Addict blog discussing handwriting, journals, and glorious, glorious pens. When spare time can be scraped up, she knits copiously.

Keep up with Sarah at her blog, Inkwell Monster.