Conquer Con is a science fiction and fantasy convention hosted by three siblings who love SFF books, games, movies, and media.

Nicole, Rebecca, and Ryan (in chronological order), grew up in Appleton and are excited to celebrate SFF in this community. Their father read Calvin and Hobbes comics to them from an early age and introduced them to Star Trek. A bit of magic entered their own lives one 90s Christmas when the doorbell rang. It was snowing, but there on the doorstep was a Sega Genesis, and no footprints in sight. They don’t know if Santa will make the convention, but they did have a hella lotta fun playing Sonic the Hedgehog over and over. A few years later, they upgraded to a PlayStation and rescued a lot of dragons with Spyro (Ryan’s currently playing the Spyro Reignited Trilogy). Their love of all things magic and fantastic continued with the usual suspects of comic books, Harry Potter, and ghost stories.

Now, all three are parents living and working in the Fox Cities. Nicole is an urban fantasy writer and book blogger at Rebecca is a magazine Editor in Chief, currently writing a science fiction novel, and partners with Nicole on the Conquer Books project. Ryan is a fanatical gamer working in sales with a special love for first person shooter games.